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We are business partners who work together seamlessly to create unique and personal experiences for our clients through styling, florals and event design.

We always start the process of creation by developing a relationship with our clients. It is imperative that we know you so we can bring to life a tangible and accurate representation; whether that be in a dress, an event, a brand or product.


Born and raised in Brazil, Andressa is passionate and loves to celebrate life. She is the creative director for Allie + Andie; she is the dreamer and the achiever of all things envisioned. On a daily basis her priorities are reading God’s word, discussing the meaning of life and crafting something beautiful while watching cat videos on Instagram. 



Born and raised in Lubbock, Allison is logical and creative. She loves life and wants to live it to the fullest! Her official title with Allie + Andie is the Fairy Godmother, working behind the scenes to make all things happen like clockwork. She loves bringing chaos into order, learning the language of Truth (a.k.a. God’s Word) and playing with her two dogs Mister Tibbs and Little Belle.


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  • We believe all beauty and goodness come from our Creator. We rely first and foremost in being inspired by Him and His creation around us.

  • We embrace the process of creating. We take time and every effort to masterfully craft every detail for each client.

  • We believe that a wedding is more than just a beautiful party, it is a covenant between two people and we design and approach such event as holy and sacred.  

  • We choose to partner with local business who share similar values. We believe it is important to have a team of people with the same end goal, who value and support each other as people rather than compete with one another.

  • We believe in using sustainable materials, we choose to not use any chemical or element that will harm people or the environment. We do not use any floral foam in our designs because we want to respect the earth as good stewards.