the collections


We created the a la carte for those who don’t want to pursue the custom design option we offer, either due to time or budget. We wanted to offer our styling and floral services in a more accessible way without compromising quality and aesthetics. We spent countless hours designing, curating and styling each collection to be unique, exciting and completely original. The collections are meant to be chosen by whichever one moves you the most and goes with your personality, you may choose to add as many items as you want and we can discuss small color alterations. Each set of the a la carte collection will be offered only for a limited amount of time, in that way protecting the uniqueness of each one. If you have questions or would like to book a collection please contact us!


Le moderne

Organic ikebanas in neutral colors, celebrating the simplicity of life and beauty. Perfect for those who enjoy small details and refined nature.

En blanc

A celebration of white tones and greenery, the most traditional of all collections. Appropriate for any season and venue, subtle approach to beauty but highly sophisticated.

en colorée

A mixture of fun pops of colors and textures. The most bold of all collections also brings conversational pieces adding joy to any event. Fitting for big personalities and people who love life.

Le terreuse

Dried foliages and earthy tones this option is the most modern romantic look we could create! Lots of texture and dimension with accents of gold it is right for those that love the outdoors and appreciate the nice things in life.