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We make the abstract a reality through event styling and design.


Meet my best friend Andressa a.k.a. Andie. She is passionate about fashion and design. Her eye for detail is impeccable. She is constantly researching and playing with anything and everything that she is inspired by... nature, runways, art, history, colors... With her classy style and expansive knowledge of event design she will definitely create your next social occasion to be one you enjoy and will remember for a long time to come! FYI: she may be slightly obsessed with drinking coffee, wearing red lipstick, and talking about cats, but she has an enthusiasm for life and the hunger to seek beauty everywhere she goes that is so contagious!


She is the most positive person you will ever meet! She is also SUPER ORGANIZED! She loves numbers, spread sheets and calendars. Don’t get me wrong (Me, being Andressa), she will also style and design beautifully! She pretty much can do it all and she still has time to wish everyone a great day, "like" all of your social media posts and play with her dogs. As I said, she is organized! Allison will be the anchor of hope on event days, she will save you from chaotic situations and make you feel good after a very long day! She is simply amazing!


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we believe all beauty and goodness come from our Creator. We rely first and foremost in being inspired by Him and His creation around us.

  • we embrace the process of creating. We take time and every effort to masterfully craft every detail for each client.

  • We believe that a wedding is more than just a beautiful party, it is a covenant between two people and we design and approach such event as holy and sacred.  

  • We choose to partner with local business who share similar values. We believe it is important to have a team of people with the same end goal, who value and support each other as people rather than compete with one another.

  • We believe in using sustainable materials, we choose to not use any chemical or element that will harm people or the environment. We do not use any floral foam in our designs because we want to respect the earth as good stewards.